28-29 April – professional tax events in Almaty

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Dear ADIT Students,

We invite you to join the  following 2 tax events in Almaty, Kazakhstan this week.

Both events will be attended by business representatives and tax officials from Kazakhstan (Ministry of Finance), Kyrgyzstan (Ministry of Economy) and Russia (Tax Service).

Here is the link to the programs of both events:  Kazakhstan Рtax events Р28-29 April 2016

As a part of preparation for ADIT exams (Paper 1 and Paper 3 TP option), ADIT students will benefit from attending both events.

Special 20% discount is provided to all ADIT candidates.

Take your chance to register for the last places! For registration matters and any questions, please contact our partners at: beps@policyresearchcenter.org

With best regards, ToMiVer Team