Lecturers & Feedback

Tomas Balo

JUDr. Tomas Balco, LL.M, FCCA

Tomas is a tax professional with over 15 years of combined practical experience in private (Big 4) and public sectors (Ministries of Finance of Chile, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, European Commission) as well as research and academia in 4 continents (Latin America, Europe , Africa and Asia) and 9 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Mongolia, Chile, Belgium, Netherlands, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan).

Next to extensive experience working as consultant for multinational companies, Tomas has also experience working with different tax administration, as well as supranational organizations – United Nations and European Commission. He is currently employed by Ministry of Finance of Slovakia, where he also represents Slovakia in OECD – Working Party 6, EU – several expert groups at the level of European Council and is spearheading the Slovak EU Presidency – its EU Tax Policy Agenda.

Tomas is actively teaching in academic programs at International Tax Center at University of Leiden (Netherlands), University of Lausanne (Switzerland), University of Pretoria (South Africa), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Komensky University (Slovakia) and IBDT (Brazil) and has participated on research, consulting and recommendation projects for the governments of Kazakhstan, Slovakia and Tajikistan within the framework of World Bank, IFC, USAID, EU and other donor projects. Since 2008 actively follows the work of UN Committee of Experts and participates in the work of several of its Subcommittees.

In 2010 Tomas established and since then is leading Central Asian Tax Research Center (CATRC), which he established with the vision to develop tax specialization as a field of study and research in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.

Past experience in ADIT

Tomas is very well experienced in teaching, he worked with various intitutes and lectured on topics in different fields of tax law, but in addition he previously was teaching preparatory ADIT courses with other course providers.

In 2013-2014 in cooperation with KIMEP University, Tomas organised first ADIT cohort group in Kazakhstan and prepared group for 2 ADIT exams (International taxation and Trasfer Pricing), as well as lectured on a couse “Taxation in Kazakhstan” to help students to prepare for thesis writing.

In Spring 2015, Tomas continued his initiative with teaching ADIT courses with other partners in Almaty, where he lectured on both courses “International Taxation” and also “Transfer Pricing”.

Feedback from students

Students are always very positive about Tomas’s lectures. Below we provide feedback of Tomas’s students from both ADIT cohort groups.

“I would give a special credit to Tomas Balco, who has invaluable experience in International tax as well as a teaching talent. Tomas is making his best to pass to us as much knowledge as possible. However we  recognize that significant self-study is required under Tomas’s direction in order to  pass exams successfully, which is a challenge for those who combine work and study. Good luck  and energy for members of our first group, future new ADIT holders  in Kazakhstan!”

Baker Hughes Zhanar Baigenzhenova, International Tax Manager (2014)

It is a great opportunity for me to get knowledge about international taxation procedures and collaboration between different countries, especially in international commerce. Advanced diploma in international taxation provides great opportunity to be a part of ADIT worldwide society.”

 Faber Group LtdAlexey Naumov, CEO (2014)

 “To be honest, I was afraid at the beginning of the course, because ADIT students are already professionals of Kazakhstan’s big companies. I am so lucky to be part of this community. I am sure that ADIT will give me a huge opportunity and advanced knowledge in International Taxation. It is a great way to boost my career prospects. Study helps me to develop myself in my existing role. Courses are informative at the same time interactive. I like the way of teaching of professor Tomas Balco. He has a huge talent to explain such complicated materials in understandable way.”

 DeloitteSulu Kadralina, Tax Consultant (2014)

“I am so grateful to participate in the first ADIT course. It was a good idea to create such a seminar for people who wish to develop their knowledge in tax sphere here in Kazakhstan. ADIT is a step for self-realization, a good opportunity for working tax specialists to expand their horizons in taxation and to deal with tax issues at work. There is so much of new information to learn about and I am just realizing how many tax issues to be absorbed, discussed and are waiting for candidates. I believe the knowledge I get from the courses will be useful and helpful in dealing with international taxation. I would also like to thank our lecturer Tomas Balco for his professional competence in taxation, kind contribution and care and all his team for their help. ” 

ERSAI – LyazzatTyulissinova, Tax Accountant (2014)

“I do feel very positive about your preparation courses. Tomas is extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and demonstrates excellent presentation skills; the programme is designed in an efficient and flexible manner.

LITASCO Central Asia Branch – Alexandr Tyo, Tax Accountant (2015)

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