KIMEP University

KIMEP University is the leading independent North American-styled academic institution in the CIS. Currently, whicb has approximately 3,300 students enrolled in its academic programs.

The mission of KIMEP University is to develop well-educated citizens and to improve the quality of life in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region through teaching, learning, community service and the advancement of knowledge in the fields of business administration and social sciences. To fulfill this mission, KIMEP offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs at the highest level of international educational standards in business (finance, accounting, marketing and management), law, economics, public administration, international relations, journalism and language pedagogy to outstanding students, who will become equals to graduates of universities anywhere in the world. It seeks to select students from among those who demonstrate leadership, talent and language capabilities, irrespective of their financial means, gender or ethnic origin, or any other subjective criteria.

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Prof. Balco had been teaching at KIMEP since 2007 to 2014. During this time he established tax specialization at the University – granting possibility for students to obtain minor degree in taxation in the following programs:

  • Master of Laws (LL.M.)
  • Bachelor of Business (BSc.)
  • Bachelor of Law (LL.B.)

During this time Prof. Balco has also established Tax Research Center in 2010 and where until 2014, this research center was hosted by School of Law of KIMEP Uiversity. This tax research center has soon expanded membership to foreign tax professors, academics as well as students at different Universities in Kazakhstan and abroad and became known also as CATRC – Central Asian Tax Research Center, which now has core members located in several countries and continents. CATRC members independently or in teams perform specialized tax research and analytical work, mainly focused on Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries, and to a certain extent on CIS countries and Eastern/Central Europe. Some members of CATRC Team also continue their work at KIMEP University, while others continue their professional careers or academic studies abroad. Read more about CATRC

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